ESG Services


  • Assist with the development of a job description.
  • Develop a search strategy in partnership with Hiring Official.
  • Provide Hiring Official/Search Committee recruitment best practice training.
  • Provide Hiring Official/Search detailed behavior based interview guide.
  • Thorough prescreening of candidates via interviewing (either phone, video or in person).
  • Partner with department to coordinate phone, video and on campus interviews.
  • Provide Hiring Official/Search Committee with a weekly status reports throughout the process.
  • Manage the entire interview process, up to and including negotiation of job offer.
  • Complete reference and background checks.
  • Stakeholder interviews with interview panel/committees to gather information on ideal candidate and assist with more focused sourcing and selection.
  • Complete Search Activity Report for the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.
  • Follow-up with candidates not selected.
  • Unlimited communication by phone/email or in person meetings.
  • Provide final candidates relocation assistance package, information about Emory and campus tours.
  • “Keys to Success” whitepaper given to new hires.