Process Overview

Emory Search Group will work with you throughout the entire process – from developing a search strategy to negotiating an offer.

  • Unlike outside firms with ESG the search process is highly customizable. This is a general template that can be tailored for your search.
  • Hiring Official meets with ESG to review job description, criteria, discuss search strategy, align expectations and discuess timelines.
Search and Prescreening
  • ESG initiates search including advertising passive candidate cultivation, and begins interviewing top talent. Candidates are interviewed based off of information gathered from hiring official, stakeholders, committee members, etc.
Candidates Selected
  • Qualified candidates are presented vice candidate summaries. The search Committee selects candidates to interview when applicable.
  • ESG will meet regularly with search chair or hiring official and provide weekly reports on search updates, etc.
  • ESG assists the department with coordinating interviews and participating.
Top Candidate Selected
  • Search Committee/hiring official completes interviews and selects top candidates.
Employment Offer
  • ESG conducts all pre-employemnt assessments and remains in close contact with the candidates throughout this process.
  • Employment offer is approved and extended.
  • ESG is available to assist with regoniation.
Post Offer
  • ESG will assist hire with any transition needs, relocation, school resources, etc.
  • ESG will present new hire with a "Keys to Sucess" white paper outlining 30-60-90 day expectations as well as key constituents.