What are the benefits of ESG?

Advantages of Emory Search Group

How long will the search take?
Length of searches depend on the type of position, when in the year we begin the search, flexibility and sense of urgency from committee, among many other things. On average it can take anywhere from 3-6 months.

What services can ESG provide?

  • Assist with the development of a job description.
  • Develop a search strategy in partnership with Hiring Official.
  • Provide Hiring Official/Search Committee recruitment best practice training.
  • Provide Hiring Official/Search detailed behavior based interview guide.
  • Thorough prescreening of candidates.
  • Coordinate phone, video and on campus interviews.
  • Provide Hiring Official/Search Committee with a weekly status reports throughout the process.
  • Manage the entire interview process, up to and including negotiation of job offer.
  • Complete reference and background checks.
  • Complete Search Activity Report for the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.
  • Follow-up with candidates not selected.
  • Unlimited communication by phone/email or in person meetings.
  • Provide final candidates relocation assistance package, information about Emory and campus tours.

What is the cost?

If I sign up for more than one search, will I receive a discounted rate?
Yes, please contact ESG for the specific rate

How often will I receive an update on my search
Once a week by phone or in person meeting, as well as anytime you would like updates.

Will ESG assist with developing a search committee?

Will ESG provide interview training to the search committee?

Will ESG provide salary recommendation for the final candidate?

Will ESG provide a detailed interview guide?

Will ESG assist with candidate evaluation?
Yes, we will provide a tool to evaluate and score candidates.

I have a firm that says they have multiple candidates ready right now! Why does it take more time through ESG?
Some firms do not have multiple candidates just waiting. That line is usually used as a sales tactic. Also, firms give the best candidates to companies that pay the highest fee.

What is the difference between a passive and active candidate?
Passive candidates are people who are currently employed and are not seeking employment. They typically have a history of career stability and effectiveness. Active candidates are typically referred to as those in a job search. They are actively looking for a new role. They can be unemployed or simply dissatisfied with their current position.

What is ESG’s contact information?

Jennifer Garrett, Director, Recruiting
Phone: 404-727-7252
Email: jennifer.garrett2@emory.edu

Vicky L. Jones, Search Consultant
Phone: 404-727-7068
Email: vicky.jones@emory.edu

Kaushalya Patel, Recruiting Specialist
Phone: 404-727-1247
Email: kaushalya.patel@emory.edu